Assisted Living Homes

CLA has:

1 Four person wheelchair accessible Section 21 licensed home.

2 Five person wheelchair accessible Section 21 licensed homes.

1 Six person wheelchair accessible Section 21 licensed home.

Residents residing in Assisted Living Homes have access to work and community support opportunities.

Transportation is provided by the homes for community support programs, activities, appointments; and individually areas identified as a service need while living in the home.

All Assisted Living Homes are intended to provide a home-like environment, assistance, care and support as needed. The homes are licensed through DHHS and inspected by the Fire Marshall for safety. Each home is equipped with wired in fire/smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and emergency floor plans; fire drills are performed for residents and staff is trained in safe evacuation procedures.

There are four Assisted Living Managers, each managing a home and supervising direct care staff (Home Providers). Residents that live in the home are assisted by the Home Providers 24/7 to meet each individuals needs. The Assisted Living Managers are supervised by the Director of Residential Services/ALH.

Home Provider qualifications are: high school diploma and/or G.E.D., previous experience working with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) is preferred and a current Maine drivers license with a clean driving record.

When staff is hired, CLA provides training through the Career Enhancement Center. For more information, please see training section.

For more information about the Assisted Living Homes, please contact Brenda Cummings, Director of Residential Services-ALH at