Community Living Association's Community Support Program has designed its day services to meet the demands of our always evolving and growing clients. We understand that the nature of our services for people with Intellectual Disabilities must reflect all that we have learned - that all people need every-day experiences that foster growth and real integration that benefits not only the client but the community.

We have identified experiences that meet and exceed the personal and habilitation goals of independent skill building, self-esteem, peer interaction, community integration, physical fitness, self and sensory awareness. The rich physical environment of Aroostook County, coupled with a welcoming and close-knit community makes these goals attainable, enjoyable and positions the ID community to meet its aspirations for the future.

We are fortunate to not only offer these services in the community, but also offer a "home-base" for clients to utilize due to weather and when learning is best done in a center atmosphere.

The mission of our program is to assure the opportunities that provide the framework in which goals and dreams are realized. CLA, with deep roots in the community and a solid infrastructure is able to provide this exceptional service through its existing relationships and physical resources. Our staff are trained to uphold the tenets of the Home and Community Based Services Rule and do this through a unique blend of teaching, nurturing and the support necessary for all of our clients to be self-informed and to embrace the same risk as all society enjoys.

Roger Randall Center Day Program

Life Skills Day Program