Supported Independent Living (SIL) is when an individual lives alone in their own home or apartment and they require scheduled direct staff support in order to live safely while improving and maintaining as independent a life as possible.

Home Support services are provided in the member's home by a qualified Direct Support Professional (DSP). Supported Independent Living services encourage people to work toward their fullest potential and include primary habilitative training and/or personal assistance with the following:

  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL) - eating and personal hygiene
  • Independent Living Skills - cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other domestic skills
  • Physical Development - recreational, occupational and physical therapy
  • Social and Emotional Development - awareness of self, others, the environment and integration into the community
  • Community Skills - awareness, utilization of resources and skills for participation including entertainment, shopping, church, banking, etc.
  • Language Skills - including verbal, manual and augmentative communication skills
  • Within the scope of Home Support, there may be activities carried over into the community such as shopping for food, which may later be prepared in the home. These activities, for example, are intended to support an individual to make healthy food choices, follow a budget and meal plan as well as learn food safety, meal preparation and healthy eating.
Home Support services are typically funded under the State of Maine Section 21 or Section 29 Waiver programs. Individuals will need to check with their Case Worker and work toward being approved for these services through the Person Centered Planning (PCP) process. Prior authorization to receive services under these funding sources is required.

While not typical, Home Supports may also be provided on a fee for service basis paid directly to Community Living Association.

For more information contact: Meryl Sullivan, Quality Assurance Professional, by calling 532-9446 ext. 1122 or e-mail